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High security 3-point leather harness

High security 3-point leather harness

The 3-point harness is an ideal harness for all dogs accustomed to escape from their classic harnesses. Here, the passage of the harness at the hips prevents the dog from withdrawing. This product is very often used among galgos, podencos .... greyhounds. Its finesse and flexibility do not hurt them. The various attachments on the chest, back and hips allow to use the harness in educational mode if the dog is used to pulling. Made to measure, it avoids any problems related to an unusual morphology.

  • technical details

    Leather being a living material, the color displayed may be slightly different from one skin to another, and may therefore vary slightly over time depending on the uses.

  • leather talks

    The leather does not require any special maintenance except for occasional greasing and cleaning with soap (preferably glycerine) and water.

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