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Anti-traction harness

Anti-traction harness



Education harnesses for dogs that shoot a lot. Tested and greatly approved, this harness makes it possible to avoid being towed. It acts on the dog's neck by pulling it slightly down and back as soon as it pulls. Moreover its effect tightening on the arms the stop directly during its action of traction.

The two round strings made of soft, supple leather do not hurt it.

The necklace can be kept as a house necklace and once attached to both lanyards, it becomes an active harness.

The necklace can be made from any type of necklace woodnecklacepet-K (the price is included here). Feel free to send me your requests.

  • technical details

    Leather being a living material, the color displayed may be slightly different from one skin to another, and may therefore vary slightly over time depending on the uses.

  • leather talks

    The leather does not require any special maintenance except for occasional greasing and cleaning with soap (preferably glycerine) and water.

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