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martingale necklace leather / Faux fur

martingale necklace leather / Faux fur



Attention, if you want a different color of fake fur, it is possible, ask us.


This padded leather collar is soft and very resistant. Its faux fur sheep side is ideal for the winter season.

Necklaces in Martingale type leather, with a wide part for the well being of the neck and a finer part to leave your dog free of any movements. Ability to customize (Name / phone number and phosphorescence).

Martingale type necklace with a semi-strangler part. This Martingale necklace designed by Woodnecklacepet-K is one of a kind. It opens completely like a classic necklace by a loop and tightens like a martingale. It can also be passed by the head like a classic martingale. This necklace has all the advantages of a loop necklace and a martingale.

  • technical details

    Leather being a living material, the color displayed may be slightly different from one skin to another, and may therefore vary slightly over time depending on the uses.

  • leather talks

    The leather does not require any special maintenance except for occasional greasing and cleaning with soap (preferably glycerine) and water.

    Attention, to dry the false fur leave it in the open air or in the hair dryer not too hot (it could damage the leather which does not like the high temperatures).

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