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leather martingale necklace

leather martingale necklace



Necklaces in Martingale type leather, with a wide part for the well being of the neck and a finer part in order to leave your dog free of any movements. Ability to customize (Name / phone number and phosphorescence).

Martingale type necklace with a semi-strangler part. This Martingale necklace designed by Woodnecklacepet-K is one of a kind. It opens completely like a classic necklace by a loop and tightens like a martingale. It can also be passed by the head like a classic martingale. This necklace has all the advantages of a loop necklace and a martingale.

This padded leather collar is soft and very resistant.

  • technical details

    Leather being a living material, the color displayed may be slightly different from one skin to another, and may therefore vary slightly over time depending on the uses.

  • leather talks

    The leather does not require any special maintenance except for occasional greasing and cleaning with soap (preferably glycerine) and water.

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